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ASUS Driver Update

Description: ASUS or ASUStek Computer Inc. is a Taiwan-based multinational company that was founded in 1989 by Acer engineers that included M.T. Liao, T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, and Wayne Hsieh.

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The company name had been a derivative of the name Pegasus. The founding members had decided to drop the other letters from the name Pegasus in order to give their company a high placement in the alphabetical listings of the companies that offered similar services and products.

It was in the 1990s that ASUS employed the engineering sample Intel 486 in the design and development of the ASUS motherboard. It was a surprise that the company had accomplished its design minus the real Intel processor 486. ASUS had instead utilized Intel’s published technical specifications as a guide.

ASUS Driver Update

After having finalized the design, the company then took the prototype which had been based on the Intel 486 processor to the Intel base in Taiwan for testing. The ASUS engineers were unaware that the Intel 486 motherboard was in fact flawed when they arrived at Intel. This was the beginning of ASUS’ and Intel’s strategic relationship.

In 2002, ASUS established ASRock, its motherboard subsidiary. The following year, the company debuted the ASUS J100 cell phone in an attempt to establish a name in a different market. The first ASUS PhysX video accelerator card was introduced in September of 2005.

In December of the same year, ASUS ventured into the market of LCD televisions. It was in March of 2006 that the company was chosen to be among the developers of Microsoft Origami. Then again in the same year, ASUS went into a joint venture with another company, Gigabyte Technology.

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Among the other highlights of the existence of the company is its release of the Linux-based notebook referred to as the Eee PC line. In September of 2007, it began to develop technology that supported Blu-ray, and then a month later; it launched its own line of PDAs and smartphones.

In early 2008, ASUS divided the operations of the company into three subsidiaries for efficiency purposes. The three subsidiaries included Pegatron, Unihan, and Asustek. The said subsidiaries have their own production assignment. Pegatron is responsible for motherboards and Unihan handles components that include cases and moldings. ASUS has been recognized for its manufacture of video card and motherboard cooling solutions that integrated large copper coolers minus the fans.

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