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3 Qualities of a Good Update Driver Utility

Update Driver Utility

One can always expect that not all products sold in the market nowadays are good ones. Computer software products are not even exempted from this unfortunate yet realistic generalization. For example, at least 3 out of 5 free driver update software utilities are not really effective in identifying which drivers in your computer need to be upgraded, or in the event that they can indeed locate these updates, they would first require you to pay before you can download.

Well, frequent internet users might have realized this fact long ago — that there are so many products available for free download online which are nothing but mere decoys to lure careless spenders into paying for something which they could have really gotten for free.

Update Driver Utility

Truth be told that Windows users do not really need to install another updated software because this is already a default feature of the Windows Device Manager. Well, there is a setback though: the updates have to be made manually. This means that the user has to update each and every driver used by the computer. Considering that they are many (sound card, hard drive, video card, monitor, mouse, keyboard, camera, printer, etc.), one can also imagine how time-consuming manual updating can be. The thing is, it would have been really better if Windows Device Manager can update the drivers automatically.

This is the main reason why many computer users would prefer to download and install an automatic update driver software. Such utilities would make sure that all the drivers that they use on their computers are up-to-date. Whenever a new version of the software is released by its manufacturer, the software utility will automatically download these updates and install them in the background. Like what has been said, there are many free automatic driver update software out there but only a very few are reliable. If you really want to have a trusted utility, might as well consider spending about $30 on it. This is not much money really, noting that this can save you from a lot of headaches in the future.

Here are the qualities of good updated software that you should be looking for in order to get the most value for the money you will be spending:

1. Update Scanning

An update driver utility is nothing if can’t give you accurate results as to which drivers in your computer need upgrading. Do not buy utilities that do not offer trial periods; these trials are intended for testing. If the manufacturer of the product is not confident that after the test you will be convinced to buy their product, then probably their product is not worth buying after all. Try as many updated software utilities as you can and then choose which of them works best. Buy only after you have decided.

2. Update Options

Of course, it’s not healthy for your computer if you allow your update utility to “think” on its own. Updating everything on your computer can result in numerous software malfunctions and the like. Thus, it is good if the driver update utility would give you a lot of options as to how you would like your drivers to be updated. For example, the interface of the utility might allow you to tick on some of the drivers which you want to be automatically updated and choose those which you want to update on your own.

3. User-friendliness

Good software utilities should be easy to use. This key feature would make the utility appropriate for anyone coming from different age brackets. This generation of computer users is composed of a multitude of individuals, ranging from very young kids to grandparents.

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