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Graphics card driver installation problem

Can’t Install Graphics Video Card Driver?

Problems that are encountered while installing graphics card drivers are usually blamed on the drivers themselves or other software issues, while hardware problems are frequently overlooked as possible causes. The following are two common, easily rectifiable hardware issues that can lead to errors when you try to install a device driver for your graphics card.

Graphics Card Driver Problem caused by poor contact  solution: compressed air cleaning

  1. A dirty expansion slot or an incompletely inserted graphics card can cause poor contact between the pins on the graphics card connector and the corresponding contacts in the motherboard expansion slot. In such cases, cleaning out the expansion slot with compressed air and then making sure that the graphics card connector is inserted all the way in will solve the issue.
Solution: compressed air cleaning

Graphics Card Driver Problem caused by 3rd Party Graphics card

2. If your motherboard has an onboard graphics chip, it could cause conflicts with any third-party graphics card that you install on the computer. To prevent such conflicts, you need to enter the motherboard BIOS (motherboard configuration software) and disable the onboard graphics chip. With the vast majority of motherboards, you can access the BIOS by repeatedly pressing the delete key as soon as you turn on your computer until a basic and primitive user interface appears. Ignoring everything else, navigate through the menus to find an option to disable the onboard graphics chip (which may be shown as “onboard VGA” or “on-chip VGA“), and save the settings before you exit the BIOS. If you have trouble figuring out how to use the BIOS you should refer to the motherboard manual or the motherboard manufacturer’s website.

Solution: configure BIOS to disable the problematic graphics card

If a software or driver error message fails to explicitly state that there is a hardware problem, the average computer user tends to rule out a hardware problem being a factor in the software or driver error. Remembering to consider hardware problems could save you time and effort whenever you troubleshoot software or driver problems on your computer. In most cases, a simple upgrade to the latest drivers for your system will suffice. Click the green button below to try this easiest possible solution first.

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