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How do I download a driver?

Drivers are the link between your computer’s operating system and your external and internal hardware devices. Computer drivers provide the code that the operating system requires in order to command and control the devices and their processes. Without the latest versions of the appropriate drivers, your system won’t be able to properly run your devices or even access them at all.

How do I download a driver

How to download drivers for windows 10

If you are receiving error messages saying that necessary drivers are corrupt or missing, then you should look for new drivers, driver updates, or patches to ensure that your system is functioning at its optimal performance level and that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities afforded by your devices.

After your computer boots up, the operating system loads the memory with all the files it will need to run desired processes. Many devices and processes have this information stored in chips attached to the device while others require special commands requiring special files that must be loaded from specific drivers.

Where to download drivers?

As the operating system detects the hardware devices connected to the computer, it automatically loads the appropriate drivers if they are included in the system’s driver package. Since some drivers aren’t included in the operating system’s package, the computer might be able to detect the device but not be able to find the corresponding driver or load the information required to run it.

Most hardware devices will come with a CD to load the corresponding driver. However, the driver will be designed for a particular operating system or system. What this means is that Windows Vista or XP might not be able to load drivers that were previously designed for earlier models of Windows.

If you have encountered driver error messages or other symptoms that might indicate a driver problem, you first need to check which version you currently have on your system, which is possible on most versions of Windows through the Control Panel and the Device Manager.

How to Download and Install Drivers for Windows

In order to get the driver, you need for your newer version of Windows you can go on the Internet and search for the current model at a site such as Intel.com. In order to get the right driver, you will need some information about the device including the manufacturer and model number.

Then you can check the manufacturer’s website to check if you have the latest version. Usually, this information can be found by clicking a link on the website for downloads, drivers, tech support, or help. Once you find out which version is available for download, check it against the one you have and, if they are different, download the new version and follow the instructions that are provided by the device or driver producer for installation.

While on the company’s website, it is worth a minute to check the latest news or support pages for information on any known bugs in the device drivers. In such a case, the company will likely provide a patch to get around the problem or offer an earlier driver version for download that will be compatible with your operating system.

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