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Windows 7 Drivers: How to Download and Update

Keep your Windows 7 Drivers Up-to-date

Windows 7 device drivers are programs designed mostly by 3rd party vendors specifically to run devices in the Windows 7 environment.

Vendors and manufacturers who don’t develop Seven drivers miss out on a huge percentage of the computer users market.

Windows 7 drivers download 64 bit

Windows 7 is the most widely used operating system in the world, and device drivers for it must conform to Microsoft code. Without the 7 drivers devices such as video cards, hard drives, and monitors would not work with Windows 7.

This is a sore spot in the computer and electronics industry because Microsoft has been known to not include codes and drivers for companies that sell products that directly compete with Microsoft’s products.

Truth be known, Windows 7 has a wider range of device drivers available on its Windows Update site than any other operating system.

Windows 7 drivers update

Still, not all devices are supported.

Other Windows 7 drivers are generic in origin, and will not operate the devices they’re used for to 100% capacity. For example, Your DC/DVD r/rw will read but not write, or it will read and write DVDs but not CDs. This is common, and often results in your CD/DVD drive disappearing from your Devices with Removable Storage list in My Computer.

Windows 7 drivers pack x32 x64 free download

Windows 7 only uses 32bit drivers. What that means is that new 64bit processors and devices will run at minimal capacity in 7 if they run at all. A dual-core 1.9GHz will be recognized by Windows 7, but the drivers available will only let the computer recognize it as a 1.9GHz to 2.2GHz single-core. A PCIe video card designed specifically for 64bit systems will not be recognized by the 32bit Windows 7. Windows Vista has both 32bit and 64bit versions available.

In the event that the generic Windows 7 drivers fail, it will be necessary to download directly from the device manufacturer’s website (Which may or may not be available) or to download a program that does it for you, such as this Drivers update, which you can download free below …

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