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USB Drivers Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7


Looking for a better way to keep your USB drivers Up-to-date?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) drivers are programs that allow your computer to recognize when an external device is plugged into the USB port and allows for input/output to that device at fast speeds. With the proper USB drivers, you usually don’t have to spend huge amounts of time installing individual device drivers, specific to each port.

USB Drivers Download (Latest Version)

USB 1.0 and the drivers were first released to the general public in January 1996, and Now release the latest version of USB drivers is 6.0. USB was intended to replace serial and parallel ports, and so that you wouldn’t have to reboot the computer when plugging in, or swapping out, a plug-and-play device.

File NameFile SizeFiles
USB_Driver v1.08.44 MBDownload
USB_Driver v2.09.18 MBDownload
USB_Driver v3.09.22 MBDownload
USB_Driver v4.09.17 MBDownload
USB_Driver v5.09.22 MBDownload
USB_Driver v6.09.22 MBDownload

USB 2.0 (released in April 2000) is the current industry standard, capable of data rates of up to 480Mbits (or 60Mbps). A computer with an older operating system would probably only have the USB 1.0 drivers, which would limit the capabilities of any device or peripheral you plugged into the computer’s USB ports.

The most popular devices and peripherals that use USB jacks are external hard drives, keyboards, mice, and external CD/DVD ROM drives. There are thousands more to choose from, but all will require that your computer have the proper drivers in order to interface with them. If you have an older computer with USB 1.0 ports, you will either have to purchase a PCI card with USB 2.0 ports or upgrade the motherboard and processor. Or, you will have to run the device at the slower USB 1.0 rate of 12Mbps.

In today’s world, time is a commodity that people have less and less of. Because of this, you don’t have hours to spend waiting for that file you need at work to upload to that USB device. With the most current and proper USB device drivers, you can cut the time waiting down to minutes instead of hours. So be sure you have the most current UBS drivers for your computer. Anything fewer wastes one of your most precious commodities, time.

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