Privacy Policy

Your information is important to us too! If you have been kind enough to give us your information we will go out of our way to make sure it stays private and safe. Why do we collect your information?

Your personal information ultimately helps us provide the best possible products, services, and website experience to you as a consumer. If you purchase a product from us, engage in a free download, or participate in clicking through our website, you may at some point be asked to provide personal information. We may also record your IP address as well. We collect this information to successfully complete transactions, research ways to improve our products and services or see how long users spend on our website and where they go in order to make consumer-friendly website improvements.

What we collect

We may collect all but not limited to a user’s full name, address, email address, zip code, IP address, and credit card information. When users are purchasing a product, our payment processing merchants also practice similar privacy policies that are very similar to ours. We ensure that these merchants will give your credit card information the due care that we give to your personal information so you feel protected.

We can promise

All personal information that we collect under our privacy policy is stored in a limited access server over the length of the consumer/merchant relationship. Personal information will not be stolen or released under our security. We will not knowingly collect information from persons under the age of 18 years old. We will not use collected information for anything outside of standard business practices. We will not under any circumstance hand over personal information to any third party unless forced to do so by law.

Our communication policy

If we are in possession of personal information we will only communicate through email. Transaction confirmation and technical/customer support are facilitated through e-mail and any other contact will have to be accepted and engaged by the customer. We will contact the customer under these circumstances providing they accept receiving emails from us. Advanced notice of expiring free trial.

Information on promotions and new products get customer feedback on our products and service. Links

Links to other sites may appear on this website. If you are directed outside of this website and not to one of our payment processing merchants you may be on a third-party website. Although the site probably applies to the material you are looking for, we cannot be responsible for third parties as they most likely do not operate under our privacy policy.


If you are a customer of our products, have engaged in a free download on this website, or have participated in anything else under this domain you have accepted our actions conducive to this privacy policy. Your personal information will be protected and used as described above.

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