Protocol AOD

Details: Protocol AOD

A quick Internet search for protocol AOD will bring up dozens of pages detailing alcohol and other drug protocols for the health care industry. However, protocol AOD has a different meaning for the computer industry. AOD stands for Aspect-Oriented Design which applies a concept known as Aspect-Oriented Programming at the design level. Software developers have a number of techniques that they use in the identification, specification, and analysis of a software system’s functional requirements.

However, tools for working with non-functional requirements were limited. Aspect-Oriented Programming and Aspect-Oriented Design are concepts rather than specific programming languages or protocols. In this sense, think of protocol AOD as a set of design practices rather than a typical computer protocol. Because protocol AOD isn’t a computer protocol in the same sense that HTTP and TCP are, very little information about it exists.

As Aspect-Oriented Design becomes more prominent and more standardized, the protocol AOD may eventually become developed. AOD also stands for Advanced Optical Disc, the format for HD-DVD, Blu-ray’s competitor.

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