Protocol BlockedHTTP

Details: Protocol BlockedHTTP

The protocol blockedHTTP is used in conjunction with blacklisting other users in Instant Messaging and other Web-based applications. It also occasionally appears with email programs such as Outlook. For example, with some versions of Outlook, some HTML links do not work and the links are replaced with the words “blocked:: http://”. This particular issue with protocol blockedHTTP is typically overcome by changing where the message containing the blocked link is viewed.

If you have an Outlook email message containing a blocked URL, go to View and select View in Internet Zone which should remove the block. Another use of the protocol blockedHTTP is for restricting a computer user from surfing the Internet. For example, a business owner may want to use the protocol blockedHTTP to restrict access to specific websites or to the Internet in general. This can be done through IPSec (IP Security) which is built into modern Windows computers.

Using IPSec, a systems administrator can use the protocol blockedHTTP to restrict users to the corporate intranet, block specific websites, block single computers from connecting to the Internet, and more. There are many reasons to block content ranging from blocking annoying users to blocking potentially malicious links and restricting Internet access.

Associated Protocol BlockedHTTP Applications:

Instant messaging software, Internet browsers, email clients.

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