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Details: Protocol SOP

Protocol SOP is primarily associated with Standard Operating Procedures or Standard Operating Protocols established by companies, agencies, and other organizations. However, in the computer world, protocol SoP is a communications protocol used for streaming media over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. In fact, SoP stands for “Streaming over P2P.” Protocol SoP was developed by SopCast Team for use with its SopCast technology. SopCast blends peer-to-peer networking with streaming video technologies.

With SopCast, a user can watch live TV or create their own broadcasts without huge bandwidth and server capacity issues. When protocol SoP is involved, the address bar of the SopPlayer displays the term “sop://” rather than the more familiar “http://”. In addition to entering a specific sop:// address, users can enter channel IDs into the address bar or use a dropdown box to select previously viewed broadcasts.

In order to view SoP content, you must have a compatible SoP client installed on your computer or an SoP plug-in installed on your Web browser. For example, the SopCast Webplayer is an ActiveX plug-in that allows your Web browser to understand protocol SoP. Another option is SopFilter which is a plug-in for Windows Media Player.

Associated Protocol SOP Applications:

SopCast Client, SopCast Server, SopFilter, SopPlayer, SopCast Webplayer

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