Protocol YMSGR

Protocol YMSGR is a protocol used with Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Protocol YMSGR

Like all computer protocols, protocol YMSGR consists of a series of communications standards so that other computers know how to communicate and exchange data with each other. Yahoo Messenger uses protocol YMSGR in conjunction with other Internet protocols. For example, the protocol is used between the Yahoo Messenger application and the Yahoo Messenger server. However other protocols are also used.

When a user installs the Yahoo Messenger application, the application installs a protocol handler into the user’s Web browser. Once installed, the Web browser should be able to recognize and handle protocol YMSGR. An example of the protocol YMSGR at work is an HTML link containing the following command:

<a href="ymsgr:sendim?UserName">Send Message</a>

When a user clicks the Send Message link, an instant message window with the recipient’s user name pre-populated will open.

A number of YMSGR commands are available including:

  • ymsgr:addfriendUserName?,
  • ymsgr:call?UserName,
  • ymsgr:callPhone?Phone number,
  • ymsgr:chat
  • ymsgr:sendfile?UserName

If you are a Yahoo Messenger user, chances are, your computer is set up to recognize the YMSGR protocol. If you are not a Yahoo Messenger user, it’s unlikely that you’ll need this protocol set up unless you decide to start using the Yahoo Messenger product.

Associated Protocol YMSGR Applications:

Yahoo Messenger

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