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Epson Drivers Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

In 1942 Hisao Yamazaki founded in Suwa, Nagano the Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. Company. This company was funded by the Hatori family which later on became the Seiko Group. Daiwa began its operation primarily focused on the manufacturing of components for watches.

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In 1975 Epson America Inc. was established primarily to focus on the distribution of printing devices for the Shinshu Seiki Co. This new generation of printers was founded on the technology used for the EP-101 printer. The models were introduced into the computer market as Son of EP-101 which later on permutated to become SON of EP where the name EPSON is believed to be derived from.

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The Shinshu Seiki Company officially took on the name of Epson Corporation in 1982. Epson maintained its headquarters in Nagano, Japan with Seiji Hanoka serving in the capacity of Chairman while Minoru Usui serves as the company’s President. By the end of 2007, the company had reached an annual income of 1.416 trillion yen and functions as one of the three core companies to comprise the Seiko Group.

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Epson introduced to the market in 1978 the TX-80 dot matrix printer which was used in combination with the Commodore PET Computer. Two years later an improved model of the printer device was launched. By 1981 the Epson HX-20 laptop computer system made its debut in the IT market. This portable computer weighed 3.5 pounds. Subsequently, Epson released the HC-20 which was its first portable color TV unit.

In November 1985 the Seiko Epson Corporation was born out of the merger of the Epson Corporation and the Suwa Seikosha Company, Ltd. Epson continues to be actively involved in the manufacturing of electronic and information-related devices. Its products can be categorized into printers, displays, scanners, touch screens, connect-it modules, disc publishers, kiosk products, and consumables.
The company also became involved in the distribution of home theaters, robots, automation devices, cash registers, LCD components, Integrated Circuits, and desktop computer systems.

Epson developed the Micro Piezo technology which is responsible for the notable improvements and advancements in the printing industry. The Micro Piezo represents an inkjet printing technology that uses piezoelectric crystal in the printing nozzle to regulate the ink flow. This technology eliminated the need to heat the ink at the print head portion prior to its injection on the printing surface.

This technology made its debut in the MJ-500 inkjet printer which was popularly marketed as Epson Stylus 800. This product hit the computer market in 1993. With its commitment to continuously developing printing technology, the company released its first high-resolution color inkjet printer technology in the Stylus Color P860A.

The R-D1 released in 2004 was the first digital rangefinder camera in the market to feature the Leica M mount lens. It also incorporated screw mount lenses and an adapter ring. Epson Standard Code for Printer (ESC/P) represents the proprietary printer control language developed by the company. This soon became the de facto industry standard for controlling and formatting dot matrix printer instructions.

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