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IBM Drivers Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Description: International Business Machines Corporation, a multinational firm based in Armonk, New York, is a corporation that is into the consulting and computer technology industry. The company is more popularly known through its abbreviation IBM and had been associated by most people with personal computers.

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IBM was established in 1896 by the American-German Herman Hollerith in Broome County, New York. The company’s founder was a statistician and hence got himself involved in developing and manufacturing tabulating machines. The tabulating machines were developed by Hollerith using the technology involved in mechanical punch cards.

On June 16, 1911, the company’s incorporation materialized under the corporate name Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation, otherwise known as CTR. It was also in the same year that the company’s founder had to sell his interest in the company on account of his deteriorating health condition. The company was bought by an American businessman known as Charles Flint for the amount of US$2.3 million.

The company changed its name to IBM in 1924 and it was then that the company was recognized by the international community.

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From 1925 until the early years after the end of the Second World War, the company continued its pursuit of developing new products and even included the development and production of engine parts and rifles. The company’s facilities played a significant role during the war as the same were used by the United States government during the war campaign.

The company’s contribution extended also non-military purposes as the company’s revenues were also utilized to provide necessary funds for orphans as well as the widows of war casualties. It was also during this era that IBM developed for the United States Navy the Harvard Mark I, the country’s foremost automatic digital computer.

During the 1950s, IBM was still one of the leading developers of military warfare for the US government as the company was able to develop computers to be used by the United States Air Force for its defense systems.

The company’s dominance in the computer industry was evident in 1964 after almost seventy percent of the computers that were produced that year were products of IBM. It was also in the 60s that the IBM System/360 or the S/36, a mainframe computer system, was produced by the company.

The next decade showed the development of the System/360’s successor called the System/370. Although a much later version, the System/360 still had compatibility with the old mainframe system.

The 80s era showed IBM’s expansion of its product and business line. The company was able to launch its S/390 and ESA/390 products. The company also formed IBM’s “Project Chess Team” which was responsible for creating the IBM PC on August 12, 1981. Part of the said team was Philip Donald Estridge who is regarded as the father of the IBM PC.

The period from 1990-1999 had its ups and downs for IBM. During this period, the company was able to launch the 1992 COMDEX Computer Expo its IBM ThinkPad 700c laptop. However, it was also during this period that IBM experienced a financial crisis which was overturned when the company hired Louis Gertner to be IBM’s, Chief Executive Officer.

After the turn of the century, IBM acquired the consulting division of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a professional services firm. The company further expanded its product portfolio to include Sorters, Electronic table printing machines, Calculating devices, Typewriters, Verifiers and keypunchers, Interpreters (alphabetic, numeric, check writing), Tabulators and accounting machines, Collators, Copiers, and Time locks.

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