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AVG Driver Updater – Download

AVG Driver - Instantly downloads all the latest drivers for your PC!

AVG is designed to keep your hardware devices updated with the latest device drivers available, PLUS it is also an effective diagnostic and optimization tool.

Can’t Find the latest Driver for one of your devices?

No Problem- this tool will find it instantly!

AVG features a sleek yet simple user interface with controls that clearly illustrate its purpose. A live update feature ensures that your software is always current with the latest information.

Up-to-Date Drivers help ensure your PC is Problem Free

With a driver management utility such as this, your hardware will always be running the most current device drivers available.  The interface is easy enough for just about any computer user to use with clear tasks (backup drivers, restore drivers, update drivers, uninstall drivers, options, tools, LiveUpdate, and Help) listed on the left side pane.

Smart Driver Matching – Fast and Accurate

If you’ve ever had to manually update your hardware device drivers, you’ll appreciate the help that AVG provides. Simply click the start button and follow the instructions in the main pane.  With the Industry’s best smart driver matching technology, AVG will find, display and download all the correct drivers for your Computer – 100% Guaranteed.

Why is it Important to keep your Drivers updated?

If you want your computer to perform at its best, having the most current device drivers is a necessity. Manufacturers regularly update their drivers to repair known issues and add new features. By keeping each device updated, your system will experience fewer driver-related computer errors.

Over 10+ Million Drivers for all your Devices.

The AVG database is loaded with over 10+ Million device drivers for hardware of all types including sound cards, motherboards, video cards, scanners, modems, mice, keyboards, network cards, printers, and so on.

Each device driver is either the official version or the Windows Hardware Quality Lab version. AVG boasts many unique features including the ability to backup all of your drivers into a single auto-installer .exe file. This is an excellent backup option that makes restoring every device driver on your system fast and easy in the event of a system crash.

Click just 1 to 2 buttons and Install or Backup all your PC Drivers at Once!

Backup and Restore is Easy-to-do

The backup and restore features are easy and intuitive.  Use AVG as part of your regular computer maintenance routine and you will most likely notice an increase in your PC’s performance and stability. Not only will your computer be loading the most current device drivers available, but it will also be cleaned of invalid and obsolete drivers. This means that Windows can operate more efficiently because it is no longer loading up useless drivers and wasting resources on drivers no longer required by the system.

Troubleshooting Diagnostics Feature

The built-in diagnostics tool helps you to troubleshoot and isolate problems with your hardware devices. This tool will show you exactly which device is malfunctioning and offer effective solutions so that you can get your computer back up and running properly. 

Optimize System Performance

For those of you who like to tweak their systems for even more performance, AVG delivers!

For example, did you know that AVG can help you adjust options such as overclocking, fan control, and AGP settings in the NVIDIA display driver control panel?

100% Guaranteed Safe to use

Now, you can safely make adjustments for performance with this tool’s help.

Faulty drivers are responsible for computer crashes and system instability. If you haven’t updated your device drivers since you first installed the device, you’ll likely find that several generations of updates have taken place with each one correcting known issues and adding new features.

Why suffer with faulty drivers or go through the hassles of manually searching for and installing new drivers when all you need to do is use AVG – It’s Automatic and finds/downloads your system-specific updates in seconds …


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