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Driver Easy – Download

Your computer is a complex machine powered by processors, hardware, and an operating system. In order for all of the bits and pieces of silicone to communicate with each other, the operating system must know exactly what’s installed and how to work with it. This is achieved using device drivers which are small programs containing codes that tell your operating system about each device. When installing new hardware, you generally install a new device driver. However, did you know that you should periodically update your older drivers?

Driver Easy Windows 11

Device drivers can go bad and cause computer crashes. They also could be out of date. A new device driver often repairs known issues with the device. By updating your device drivers, you’ll solve computer and hardware problems as well as improve performance.

PC Pitstop offers a unique service for dealing with device drivers called DriverEasy. Like most device driver management applications, DriverEasy scans your computer and identifies each piece of hardware installed on it. Once identified, DriverEasy checks its database and compares your computer’s device drivers to those found in the DriverEasy system. When updated device drivers are available DriverEasy lets you know. You can immediately download and update your drivers.

What is the use of Driver Easy?

However, DriverEasy takes this to the next level by checking your computer every month and sending you a notification of any newly updated device drivers for your system. These notifications come directly to your computer’s inbox where you can stay on top of your computer’s health and driver status without having to remember to run a scan.

You must have the PC Pitstop utility installed to run a DriverEasy scan. If you don’t have it, you’ll be prompted to install it which only takes a few seconds. Once installed, the scan begins. Scans are free but you will need to be a subscriber in order to take advantage of the driver recommendations or to receive monthly DriverEasy notifications.

DriverEasy allows you to scan multiple PCs. For example, if you have a home network, you can scan up to five PCs with the basic home subscription.

The results are displayed on an easy-to-read screen where you’ll see a summary followed by a list of the recommended drivers. You’ll see the current version and date along with the version and date of the recommended device driver. In addition, both manufacturer and PC Pitstop notes are offered.

Below the list of recommendations is the full report where you’ll see all of your hardware devices and the details surrounding the current device drivers installed on your computer.

Because Driver Easy tracks all of your licensed computers in one place, you’ll get a comprehensive report each month detailing the device driver status of each of your computers. Simply scan your systems one time and then let DriverEasy monitor them. Anytime a new device driver is released for one of your devices, DriverEasy will let you know. From there, you can download the updated device driver.


Driver Easy Download

DriverEasy is one of the easiest device driver management systems you’ll find. With support for multiple computers and regular notifications, your entire network can run the latest device drivers with minimal effort on your part. Whether you need to monitor one PC or fifty, this application does most of the work for you.

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