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Snappy Driver Installer – Download

Snappy Driver Installer has over 5 Million Drivers in their Database!

Need help updating your device drivers?

Sure you could do it manually but it’s a pain- especially when you consider just how many devices your computer actually has. First, you have to determine who manufactured the device, track down their website, find the technical support pages, and search to see if any updated device drivers are available. Then you have to download and install the drivers themselves. Next, repeat the process for every device on your system. For optimal results, you should do this entire routine at least once per month. Who has time for that?

Scan and update all your system device drivers automatically!

Several different utilities automate this process. Snappy Driver Installer is one such product. This particular application provides you with manufacturer-specific device drivers. For example, if you own a Toshiba computer, Snappy Driver Installer will search for and recommend Toshiba-related device drivers. Snappy Driver Installer also gives you access to over one million different device drivers. With so many device drivers available, you can bet that Driver Installer has one to match your devices. Snappy Driver Installer is particularly useful if you’re considering a move to Windows Vista.


How do I use the snappy driver installer offline?

The Windows Vista Upgrade Wizard tests your entire system for compatibility issues with Vista. In addition, you can download Vista drivers right away and upgrade your devices so that they are compatible with the new operating system. You can also create a Vista device driver migration CD beforehand so that you can easily configure all of your devices once you’ve upgraded your computer to Windows Vista.

Snappy Driver Installer has another wizard designed to make your life easier, the Driver Backup Wizard.

This little tool walks you through the driver backup process, allowing you to copy your device drivers to a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive or CD. Now, you’ll have a backup copy that you can use in the event of a system crash or corrupt device drivers. The user interface puts all of the information into an easy-to-understand display.

Across the top, you’ll find icons such as Home, History, Tools, Vista Ready, and Help.

Depending on which icon you choose, the main area of the screen will display different options. For example, the default Home setting shows you a graphical report detailing the results of your last driver scan, telling you exactly how many out-of-date drivers, devices with no drivers, up-to-date drivers, and system drivers you currently have. If you are running Windows 7, 10, and 11, the Driver Installer knows it and does not display the Vista Ready icon.

If you are considering an upgrade, click Vista Ready and let Snappy Driver Installer analyze your system for compatibility. Snappy Driver Installer also features built-in customer support with forms that you can fill out to get answers along with the standard help files. After the scan, you can view detailed information about the driver. A series of graphical icons give you a snapshot of each driver’s status. For example, a green checkmark lets you know that the driver is currently up to date while a red “x” tells you that the driver is out of date. If the driver is out of date, an icon that looks like a floppy disk is provided. Clicking this icon will start the download process.

Snappy Driver Installer is packed with useful tools for managing your system’s device drivers. Overall, the graphics and links make using Snappy Driver Installer a simple matter of point and click.

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